New Features for v1.2

Jumptree Project v1.2 now allows you to search across all sections.

Custom Fields

You can now add custom fields to projects, milestones, tasks, discussions, files, clients, and users.

Gantt Chart

Jumptree Project v1.2 now includes a Gantt chart in the project details page.

And tasks can now have a Start Date.

Active Directory & SiteMinder Authentication

Create users and login with Active Directory or SiteMinder.

Globalization & Perspectives

Do you have an international team? Now you can translate Jumptree Project into any language.

Does your company use the term Cases instead of Tasks? Or Phases instead of Milestones? Now you can easily customize Jumptree Project to fit your company's project lexicon.

Private Notes

You can now take private notes on the back of tasks, milestones, discussions, and other pages.

Click this tab to flip the page and take notes. And when the tab is blue, it means there are notes on the back.

Project Groups

Have a lot of projects? Now you can organize them in groups.

Calendar Expands to Show More Details

Click on any event in the calendar to show additional information.

BBCode with Text Editor

Jumptree Project v1.2 now supports BBCode-enabled text formatting...

Along with an easy-to-use Text Editor.

Usability Improvements

In addition, we've improved the way Jumptree Project works,

  • Stay logged in for as long as you want
  • Time Zones
  • Milestones now share categories with tasks, discussions, and files
  • The grid columns now have a sort indicator
  • The pop-up calendar that's used to select dates now appears directly on the same page

And for Administrators,

  • Save files to somewhere else instead of the /App_Data/ folder