Link tasks, milestones, and files to discussions

Effectively manage requirements and changes

How many times have you stared at a task wondering, “Where did this come from? What's the context for this task?”

Related discussions link in Task Details

By linking the relevant discussions to a task, your team members will always know the who, what, when, where, why and how of a task.

This often happens in projects where the requirements frequently change

For example, you're developing a web application and after every deliverable your client's feedback requires you to change the project scope.

Or after you demo the prototype to upper-management they adjust the budget, forcing you to re-plan the entire project.

These abrupt changes cause a discontinuity of information— where new tasks are confusing because they don't seem relevant to the old requirements.

Imagine you're working on a medical insurance project and you get assigned to research cell phone providers. Without understanding the context of this task, you might end up focusing on the wrong areas.

Jumptree Project solves this problem by allowing you to link specific discussion posts to tasks.

Adding a task to a post

Easily add tasks from a specific post. That way you and your team members can better understand the context of the task.

Project planning is a dynamic process. No matter how carefully thought out and detailed your plan is, there will always be change orders, new requirements, and other surprises.

So as you discuss these changes you can directly add tasks, milestones, and files to the relevant discussions.

This allows you to create a central place to discuss and plan your projects.

Linking milestones, tasks, and files to a discussion

Use the discussions to plan your projects and help manage changes.