Email notifications

Just check your email for updates

If you live and breathe your Email Inbox, then Jumptree Project's email notifications are just for you.

When you're assigned a task, you'll get an email.

If you're worried that your team members aren't logging in often enough to check their tasks, don't worry about that either—because when you assign them a task, they'll get an email.

And these aren't just simple, one-line “You've got a task” emails—but rather comprehensive emails that tells you exactly what's going on.

Email from Updated Task

You can see exactly what's changed without logging in. Also, each email contains an overview of the task.

NOTE: You also get an email whenever someone starts or replies to a discussion.

Easily send email reminders for late tasks

In the Tasks Overview page, you can send email reminders by selecting the tasks and clicking the Email Reminder button.

Email Reminders

Follow-up on tasks by sending out email reminders.