Dashboard & New Activity

Easily see what's changed since your last visit

Have you ever started the day wondering, “What's changed since yesterday?”

A lot can happen since the last time you logged in.

When evaluating a project management system, it's important to consider how you'll be notified of new activity. If someone updates a task with a question or replies to one of your discussions, you need an easy way to see these updates.

Tasks and Discussions updated since last visit

Jumptree Project's dashboard tells you which tasks and discussions have been updated since last time you viewed them.

And when you're working on multiple projects, a simple way to see all these updates is even more important—
as you don't want to waste time manually keeping track of all the changes.

Jumptree Project helps you solve this problem by keeping an eye on your tasks and discussions across all your projects. And there are several ways for you to easily see updated items.

The Dashboard — Jumptree Project's dashboard has two modules that keep track of your tasks and discussions.

Tasks updated since last visit will list the tasks that were updated since the last time you viewed that task.

For example, if after you viewed a specific task, a team member then changes the status or updates the number of actual hours worked, that task will show up in the Dashboard. Likewise, Discussions updated since last visit does the same for discussions

Highlighting of updated tasks and discussions — in the Tasks Overview and Discussions Overview pages, updated items stand out because they are highlighted.

Updated tasks are highlighted

When someone updates a task after you last viewed it, Jumptree Project will highlight it for you.

Furthermore, when you view an updated task, the new changes are highlighted so you don't have to figure out what actually changed. And when you view an updated discussion, the new posts are highlighted so you don't have to remember what the last thing you read was.

Updated task details are highlighted

You no longer have to remember when you last viewed the task because all the changes are highlighted.

Crystal clear alerts

Similar to an Email Inbox, Jumptree Project will show you the number of New Tasks that were assigned to you.

Furthermore, you'll be alerted to the number of Late Tasks, Tasks due today, Tasks due tomorrow, Tasks that need your approval, and New Discussions.


These alerts to help you stay on top of your projects.

Start from where you left off

Have you ever had those moments where you can't seem to remember what you were just doing?

Jumptree Project records a history of recently viewed tasks and discussions so you can easily reorient yourself.

Recently Viewed History

Use the recently viewed history to refocus on what you need to do next.