A note to potential customers:

As we were developing the next version, we experienced some fundamental differences in how we manage projects vs. how Jumptree Project was currently working for us.

The differences became so severe that we just were not comfortable with the direction we were headed. After much consideration, we decided to completely scrap it and start anew.

So here's where we're at now,

  1. We are working on a new project management product that will take what we consider to be the best features from the current Jumptree Project, but will be adapted to better reflect our vision.
  2. Once the new product is released, we will provide an equal amount of FREE licenses to the new product for our current customers. However, please note that this won't be considered an update/upgrade, but rather a transition to a new product.
  3. The current Jumptree Project v1.3 will still exist and we will still support it for our existing customers. But aside from security updates, we most likely will not release any new features for it.

We do not yet have a timeline for the new product, so we advise all potential customers to take this into consideration. Thank you!

Jumptree Project Price List

1 User License 10 Pack 100 Pack
$97 $873 $8245 Buy now
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15% OFF

* All prices in US Dollars.

See the License Agreement (EULA)

NOTE: Mix and match the licenses to get the desired number of users.

Example: 2 Ten User License Packs + 5 Single User Licenses = 25 User Licenses.

Who Requires a License?

Jumptree Project is licensed based on the total number of named users.

Named users are created from the Admin » Manage Users section.

You can create an unlimited number of client contacts that can participate in published discussions and see published milestones.

NOTE: Your first purchase of Jumptree Project comes with ONE (1) default Administrator.

So if you buy 10 user licenses in your first purchase, then 11 users can be created in Jumptree Project.

Academic Organizations

We are happy to offer a discount to colleges, schools, and other academic institutions. Please contact us at support@jumptree.com for details.


If you're not completely satisfied within 45 days of purchase, you get a hassle-free, full refund. Just email us at support@jumptree.com.