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Web-based, ASP.NET project management software for managing tasks, milestones, and teams.

Milestones keep projects on track. Discussions build teamwork and maintain project scope. Easily link tasks to milestones and discussions. Take a tour »

The world's top organizations, non-profits, and government agencies use Jumptree to manage their projects.

Lessons Learned from Packaging our ASP.NET Application for the Microsoft Web Platform Installer

Now Microsoft already has an excellent guide on how to package an application for the Windows Application Gallery. However we did run into a few issues, and so this tutorial will document some of the lessons we learned.

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Effective Project Management: The Change Order Form

Back when I was consulting, the one thing that would give me cold sweats at night was expecting to get a call saying the clients wanted some changes to be made.

And I hate changeswell, not actually hate but maybe a really strong dislike

The main reason is because of all the wasted time that was spent prior to that. All that time spent on negotiating the contract, workflow-ing the specs, drinking Starbucksand of course lets not forget hours actually spent working on the original requirements.

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Feature Spotlights

Customize fields and workflow

Not satisfied with the build-in fields Jumptree provides? Not a problem. Create your own workflow by adding the customized fields suitable for your organization.More »

Just check your email for updates

Whether you're assigned a new task or someone replies to a discussion, Jumptree Project sends you a detailed email. More »

The Dashboard Portal

The dashboard tells you exactly which tasks and discussions have been updated since the last time you viewed them. More »

Manage requirements and changes

Oftentimes tasks are created after a discussion. Jumptree Project let's you link tasks, milestones, and files to discussions posts. More »

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